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Get these optional add-ons to upgrade the functionality and reliability of your VPS


The most widely used hosting control panel solution

Plesk Panel (formerly Parallels Plesk Panel) supports the latest technologies to deliver outstanding performance, strong security, and mobile options, and provides a choice of the broadest range of operating systems and virtualization technologies of any control panel.

Plesk 10 domains

$ 5.00 / mo

Plesk 100 domains

$ 15.00 / mo


Dr.Web AntiVirus plugin - "A market leader"

First developed by the Russian market leader in 1992, award-winning Dr. Web anti-virus software boasts a solid 20-year record of spyware detection. It not only adheres to all international security standards but excels in key areas, receiving numerous certificates for its effors.

$ 10.00 / mo


"Very Advanced" PowerPack plugin: phpPgAdmin, Spanfilter, PostgreSQL

A highly-advanced relational database management system, Plesk Panel (formerly Parallels Plesk Panel) for Linux enables PostgreSQL databases to be deployed and managed direct from the user interface - with minimal clicks! PostgreSQL add-ons include web-based administration software PhpPGAdmin, granting remote access to PostgreSQL databases.

$ 5.00 / mo


GlobalSign Domain SSL Certificate

Secure your website transactions 24/7 - in minutes! Highly popular SSL Certificate, DomainSSL, represents a very fast and very affordable way to protect your website. Fulyl automated, DomainSSL allows you to browser-padlock ecommerce, logins, webmail and more, leaving customers convinced that you take your security seriously.

$ 300.00 / mo


Domain Registration

Build credibility, be unique, and create your brand with your own domain name. Get a right domain name and get a good first impression. Connect your name with any of the following: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us

$ 15.00 / mo


Domain Transfer

Having a single provider for your services gives you all the convenience of control and access. Move, without losing, your existing domain name with ease through our Domain Transfer.

$ 15.00 / mo


WHOIS Protect Service

You may not want some private details to be publicly seen in just a click. Ensure the safety of your information from identity thieves, spammers and unwanted offers by availling of our WHOIS Protect Service.

$ 10.00 / mo


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